About Honda ATV's

Honda was first with ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) driving bikes, which initially had three wheels and later - for safety reasons - became four-wheelers. In Honda terminology, they are referred to as TRX (FourTrax), and over the years Honda has developed and refined a particular TRX technology. All Honda ATVs (except TRX90X) are manufactured and assembled in the United States, and many of the employees use their ATVs daily for work and entertainment - so the production of a Honda ATV is not just a job, but rather a job for employees. lifestyle.

All product development is also happening in the US, and Honda uses special TRX engines with OHV (Over Head Valve) valve system, developed for the purpose of low center of gravity and efficient lubrication system. The power transmission is done via a closed drive system with cardan pull, and clutch systems and gearboxes are also designed for the purpose. All the technology that ensures that a Honda TRX is extremely reliable and requires a minimum of maintenance.

In other words, a Honda ATV is designed and built solely for the purpose of operating as an ATV, and therefore Honda TRX models can also perform any type of task. With your new Honda TRX model, you will be greeted every day with a completely reliable machine that has unmatched performance and is solidly built to withstand even the worst wear and tear - for many years to come.

And if you want to upgrade your current TRX model, it's not nearly as expensive as the resale value of a Honda ATV is always high.

Whether you want to use your new Honda TRX model in forestry, agriculture, studios, horticulture, construction work, snow removal, or whatever you want to offer, it will quickly become an essential part of your daily routine where you can rely on the machine in all kinds of weather, on all types of terrain and in solving the world's tasks.