About LS

Since 1977, the successful LG group produced agricultural machinery. Whereas, to ensure the positive development is the group known to react quickly to market conditions and changes. LS Mtron uses significant resources, development of products and modern production method of the highest quality, so as to achieve favorable performance / price in the market.

With an annual growth of over 30% was the basis for an independent company outside the LG Group basis for the establishment of LS Mtron in 2005.

In the year 2006 opened the LS Mtron an ultramodern factory in Jeonju South Korea at 143,000 m2. Today produced about 20,000 per. years which is deposited in a worldwide dealer network. Through the new establishments in the United States, South America and increased success in Europe expected output of 50,000 tractors per. years.

Production of the highest quality, innovative technical solutions and a service / spare parts preparedness to further develop LS Mtron the most coveted local tractor manufacturer in the market.

ONJ Tractors imported tractors and machinery since 2001 and has over the years built a strong solid customer base (over 1,500. Tractors and thousands of accessories customers). The company was founded in 1989 as a real estate company, the strategy was changed to machine import and furniture imports in 1997. We are Solte to have achieved the highest recognition appointment as AAA (trible A) business, which gives us the højsest credit rating can be achieved.

In order to offer a professinel compact tractor for municipalities, landscaping, leisure agriculture mm. we now have the opportunity through import agreement for Denmark through LS Tractor and a great selection of over 600 different pieces of equipment.

Our central warehouse and assembly center in Herning provides logistics / Spare parts and supply of new LS tractors and accessories. In addition, we have a large central warehouse in Germany for quick support.

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