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DONG FENG Kompakt Traktor DF 254 EC

Fabriksny. OFFER ONLY kr. 510, - pr. months. The model 425 is a powerful machine that can be used almost anywhere in small farms.

Are you the property manager, school or leisure farmer then ONJ 425 is for you, the tractor can be used on equal terms with the big traditional tractors as it has all the necessities that are required as such. hydraulics, PTO, differential lock mm.

The advantage is, however, the size which is substantially smaller and which makes it far easier to handle, for example. considering the tractor is not more than 1.4 tonnes and measures 2.8 meters in length and 1.85 m in height. This makes it possible to get much more locations with the tractor, for example. in stables and other or impassable place.

In addition, the tractor is characterized as having the right price to those who have a need for a machine but not in need of an expensive and heavy machine.

The engine is a three cylinder diesel with direct injection, 25HP provides the force necessary even with the equipment to be able to achieve, for example. truck, front loader, mini digger, plow and much more. The engine is also built up mechanically making it easy to maintain. ONJ 425 must not pre-heat before the start, as it has direct injection.

ONJ 425 is four wheel drive that not only makes it easy to Moors in the terrain, but also incredibly powerful tractor pulls up to 5.6 tonnes. ONJ 425 appears on almost all surfaces such as wet fields, snow, etc. However, does the weight that it runs great on a lawn and it does not destroy the substrate.

The tractor has a very tight turning radius that makes it very forthcoming, it is also built entirely mechanical making it easy to maintain the tractor also any small repairs can easily handle even.

The general service does not require visits to the workshop because it is easy even to handle, however, comes tractor with 24 month warranty. As done in our main service center in Herning or aut. Dealer.

Our people are in daily contact with the factory, thus we ensure that the quality is as desired and expected. All machines are quality tested before leaving the factory. ONJ 425 is type approved by the Traffic Authority and can be registered on the license plate as desired. The factory is ISO9001 certified, provide consistent and high-grade

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    Kompakt Traktor DF 254 EC
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